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In This Book...

  • Are you planning to provide for your wife for as long as you live or as long as she lives?
  • If your widow calls me tomorrow, what would you like me to tell her?
  • Are you going to be prepared to live the last 25 years of your life without a paycheck?
  • How do you intend to prevent your wife's second husband from becoming the heir to your estate instead of your children?
  • When are you going to start preparing for the old person you are going to be one day?
  • How much life insurance would you buy for your family if you knew you were going to die tomorrow? How do you know you aren't going to?
  • Is protecting your family's future and living comfortably after you retire of any interest to you at all?
  • Your wife is not going to care about what kind of insurance you had. She'll care about how much insurance you had.
  • If you won $100,000 jackpot at the casino, would you stop working and live on the $100,000 the rest of your life? That's exactly what you're asking you're family to do.
  • One of two things is certain; either you will live or die. If you live, you will need money. If you die your family will.
  • The best kind of life insurance is the kind that is in force when you die.

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